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Our team of experts at Kikkad works tirelessly to identify leverage points and recover lost assets for our government and country clients.


With our decades of experience, we have a wealth of knowledge and skills that make us the best in the business.


Take a look at some of our recent projects below, and see for yourself why we are the top choice for asset recovery.

Asset Recovery - Hong Kong

Our team of experts are dedicated to helping governments and countries recover stolen assets and funds. Using a combination of research, investigation, and persistence, we have a proven track record of success in the asset recovery industry. 


Asset Recovery - Africa 

Our commitment to asset recovery has resulted in the recovery of millions of dollars for governments and countries worldwide. Our dedication and commitment to our clients is evident in the success of our recent projects. 


Asset Recovery - United Kingdom

Through our expertise in forensic accounting and financial investigation, Kikkad has recovered millions of dollars of stolen money and hidden assets in London bank accounts. Our team works tirelessly to uncover the truth and deliver results for our clients. 

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